Decal Installation Instructions

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1: WARM - Machine and decals indoors at 70 degrees or warmer (allows decal pliability & proper adhesion).
2: REMOVAL - Stock graphics will remove easier with heat (hair dryer or heat gun). Rapid Remover (auto
stores) will remove any adhesive residue but be sure to clean thoroughly if used. Remove any body attachments (i.e. windshields) that may be obstacles during installation.
3: CLEAN- Thoroughly wash machine with soap & water, dry, then clean with rubbing alcohol, and let air dry.
DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF DEGREASER OR WAX SUCH AS PLEDGE, WD40, ETC. These oil based products, as well as gasoline, will only make the plastic surfaces slippery and YOUR GRAPHIC KIT WILL NOT ADHERE PROPERLY!... so take the time to clean your machine thoroughly and properly!
4: SEPARATE- With scissors, cut each decal piece out separately from the sheet, trimming the paper backing as close to the decal edges as possible for ease of visual placement and installation.
Installation needs to be WARM - CLEAN - DRY!
(We advise dry application. Yes, your decal buddy usually mists a soap and water solution when he installs his graphics, which puts a layer of liquid and residue between your decal's adhesive and your plastics - not what you are looking for! This is a specialty material with specialty adhesive. Do it dry and follow The Hinge Method... we are not liable for improper installation.)
5: Position decal and tape at center (this is your hinge).
6: Using the tape as a center hinge, pull one side of decal back over itself and peel paper backing away. CLEANLY cut paper backing close to the hinge.
7: Bring adhesive backed portion into place without touching the body plastic (high-tac adhesive will not allow for realignment). Using a clean squeegee and overlapping straight up & down strokes, firmly apply pressure from the center hinge of the decal out. Remove tape and repeat steps 6 & 7 for second half of decal.
Installation needs to be WARM - CLEAN - DRY!
8: HEAT- Decals adhere best with additional heat and pressure. Use a heat gun or hair dryer, being careful not to scorch the graphics, and evenly warm up each decal and individually press the warmed vinyl, especially into textured plastics (i.e. Rev side panel or RevXP gas tank plastics). Let your decals adhere for 24 hours before taking them out into the elements.
9: Use an x-acto blade to trim out any additional body hoies if needed (i.e for windshield attachments).
* KrazyGraphics is not liable for improper installation of graphics, damage to them due to improper install techniques, or damage due to everyday and race abrasions. Our graphics are built out of the highest quality materials, not titanium, but the best stuff you can get! The decal high-tac adhesive and heavy duty laminate will provide excellent adhesion, protection, and longevity but they are not indestructible- they are decals!

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