About Us / Where are we located ?

We are based out of Florida , We get some many messages asking where we are located ! Why ? This is because we have a huge problem in this industry , these graphic kits are being mislabeled as WRAPS ..
As some of you know , wraps are professionally installed by a wrap shop and take a tremendous work to install as they need to be fitted and trimmed .
What we sell are Graphic Kits , Why are they called this and not a wrap ?
We call them Graphic kits because that is what they are ! Each part is cut to fit your machine ! No trimming is required at all !!
These are ( Adult Puzzles ) just put the parts where they go in the diagram and you're done . Simple and easy to install.
( Note ) We do use the word WRAP on our website but it's used as a keyword only , Since everyone is using the wrong term in the industry we have to follow that word so you can find our website :)
Easy and simple to install , We have seen a lot of 14 or 15 year old do this .
Thanks !
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All UTV graphic kits are well documented and pictures are taken of every single part , We do this because this because these wraps are not cheap and we need to make sure we have a good backup for UPS insurance reasons.