Questions and Answers

  • Can you take payments over the phone ?= We currently do not take payments over the phone
  • Can I see my design before you print it ?= Once you make the order , Please put in (Order Details) That you request a proof before printing. If you do not request this we will make the changes and print the way we see fit.
  • How long will my order take ? =  Print time depends on if you request changes , The more logos you request the longer it takes ( They all have to be lined up ).All orders are printed AFTER you purchase ! Nothing is actually in stock as it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to print all of out kits. ( If we don't make it in stock , the website won't allow it to be sold.
  • Can I change the color of a design ?= We can change colors on ANY graphics kit ( Put in order details )
  • What does it mean by Sponsors ?= When you request a Sponsor / logo change , we may ask you to provide it as we don't have all of them . Do NOT send us a jpg , png or another picture. We use VECTOR IMAGES , If you don't know what that is , type in Vector Images in Google.
  • How many sponsors / Logos can I have ?= Currently we allow 5 for $20.00 , This is due to the hours it takes to place them and get them lined up.
  • The pictures show sponsors/logos on them , do they come like that even if I don't select the change logo/sponsor option ?= YES , they come as you see in the item picture by default or unless you request changes.
  •  Can I add my name and number ?= YES 
  • Can you make CUSTOM graphics ?= Define custom ? Some say custom is with ( my name and number ) Some define custom as a complete one off kit. In either case the simple answer is YES. If you want a one off design you will need to submit a photo and we will make it.