CanAm Ryker Questions and Answers

We get more questions about the Ryker Wraps than ANY other Wrap that we sell . 


Hopefully we can clear up some of these questions.

Are they compatible with Ryker rally 2023 ? YES

For full body that’s the full coverage correct? NO , Full body is Extreme Coverage as shown in the pictures ! 

 I took my Ryker to my professional guy to wrap my can am and he opened the box and noticed that there was no key to tell him with the numbers where to put each piece.  KEY ?? What does this mean ??? NO IDEA . All kits are shipped with a DIAGRAM showing each part ! Also there are 3 pictures below showing each layout.

Where are we located ? Florida , but we don't do the installs .

Each kit is PRE CUT and the customer can install themselves.

 What is the lead time ?  Usually 24-48 hours depending on what kit you order.

Can you make something custom? ( YES YES YES ) We get this same question 30 times a day. Each custom kit needs to be paid for in full before we start due to the time it takes to make etc. 

What is the different between thin and think material ? (Yes we get that question too ) I guess the best way I can describe that is , one is thicker material and will last 7 years , the other is thinner and will only last 1 year. The 1 year film is a thin basic lamination clear film that goes over the graphics. The 7 year is a THICK high gloss beautiful clear film that goes over the graphics. The 7 year is by far the best to go with , but if you're on a budget the 1 year will work but remember ..... You get what you pay for ! 

Can we change the colors? YES every single kit on our website can be edited free of charge. 

 What is the difference between the Basic , Full and Extreme kits ?

Black one is FULL , Blue one is Basic , Purple one is the Extreme 


I will add more to this as needed .